Points of Contact:

Lori Muller, RRT10 Coordinator
US EPA Region 10
Seattle, WA
LT Jamie Waterman
Seattle, WA

The Northwest Area Contingency Plan was updated by a Letter of Promulgation in April 2024. It conveys regional response and inland area response guidance and is available in its entirety here (36.6 MB).

Please refer to the Sector Puget Sound Area Contingency Plan and the Sector Columbia River Area Contingency Plan for updated coastal area response guidance in the states of Washington and Oregon.

The discrete pieces to the 2020 NWACP document (and updated 2024 document) are listed below. To view a list of the sub-sections contained in each document, click the Contents icon. To open each section, click the PDF icon. The red text and * denote an updated 2024 section.

 SectionContentsView PDF
* Preface Notification List
First Responder Guidelines
Initial Assessment Checklist
Table of Contents
View PDF
1000 INTRODUCTION View Contents View PDF
2000 COMMAND View Contents View PDF
* 3000 OPERATIONS View Contents View PDF
4000 PLANNING View Contents View PDF
5000 LOGISTICS View Contents View PDF
8000 Sector Columbia River’s Marine Firefighting Contingency Plan View PDF
8100 Sector Puget Sound Marine Firefighting Plan View PDF
* 9202 - Joint Information Center Manual View PDF
* 9210 - Liaison Manual View PDF
* 9301 - Oil Spill Best Management Practices View PDF
* 9310 - Northwest Wildlife Response Plan View PDF
* 9330 - Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Best Management Practices View PDF
* 9404 - Region 10 Regional Response Team/ Northwest Area Committee Endangered Species Act Compliance Guide for Federal Responders during Emergency Response View PDF
9101 - Region 10 Response Team and Northwest Area Committee Charter View PDF
9105 - Incident Specific Region 10 Response Team Activation – Quick Response Guide View PDF
9106 - Response Partner Roles and Contacts View PDF
9203 - Health and Safety Job Aid View PDF
9220 - 96 Hour Plan for Major Incidents View PDF
9302 - Oil Response in Fast Water Currents: A Decision Tool View PDF
9311 - Northwest Area Wildlife Deterrence (hazing) Resources View PDF
9312 - Oil Spill Marine Mammal Resources View PDF
9313 - Wildlife Branch Position Descriptions View PDF
9314 - Potential Mobile Bird Rehabilitation Unit (MRU) Deployment Locations in Coastal Counties View PDF
9315 - Operations Section Organizational Guidance View PDF
9331 - Marine Debris and Severe Marine Debris Events View PDF
9401 - Northwest Area Contingency Plan Permit Summary Table View PDF
9402 - Permit Tracking Template View PDF
9403 - Compliance Guide for National Historic Preservation Act during an Emergency Response View PDF
9405 - Disposal and Waste Management Guidance for the Northwest Area View PDF
9406 - Dispersant Authorization Process and Decision Support Tools View PDF
9407 - In-Situ Burning Operations Planning Tool View PDF
9408 - Resources At Risk Response Tool View PDF
9409 - Managing Impacts to Commercial, Recreational and Tribal Fisheries View PDF
9410 - Places of Refuge View PDF
9411 - Decanting Response Tool View PDF
9412 - Non-floating Oil Spill Response Tool View PDF
9413 - Geographic Response Plan Booming Strategy Points – Standardized Data Format View PDF
9418 - Emergency Response Community Air Monitoring View PDF
9419 - Emergency Response Environmental Sampling Template View PDF
9420 - Northwest Area Shoreline Countermeasures Manual and Matrices View PDF
9421 - Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment (SCAT) Response Tools - Part 2 View PDF
9421 - Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment (SCAT) Response Tools View PDF
9422 - Shoreline Segmentation Guidance for Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique (SCAT) View PDF
9423 - Surface Washing Agent Authorization Process and Decision Support Tools View PDF
9501 - Communications Manual View PDF
9502 - Logistics Resource List View PDF
9701 - Northwest Area Contingency Plan Hazard Assessment Worksheet View PDF
9702 - Initial Hazmat Incident Objectives View PDF
9703 - Initial Incident 16 Objectives for Oil Spills View PDF
9710 - Suspicious Package/Envelope Decision Matrix View PDF