4100Planning Section Organization
4200Roles and Responsibilities
4210Planning Section Chief Responsibilities
4220Situation Unit
4230Resource Unit
4240Documentation Unit
4250Demobilization Unit
4260Environmental Unit
4270Marine Transportation System Recovery Unit
4280Technical Specialists
4290Washington State Policy
4300Compliance Guidance
4310Statutory Guidance Federal
4311Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, 1980
4312Federal Water Pollution Control Act as amended by Clean Water Act and Oil Pollution Act 1990
4313National Historic Preservation Act
4314Endangered Species Act
4315Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
4316National Environmental Policy Act
4320National Responsible Party Policy
4330State and Local Compliance Guidance
4331Responsible Party
4335Prevention Laws
4336Local Government Requirements
4337Disposal Guidelines
4338Use of Volunteers to Assist in Oil Spill Responses
4400Geographic Response Plans
4410Evaluation Criteria for Geographic Response Plans
4500General Hierarchy of Response Priorities
4600Response Technologies for Oil Spills
4610Dispersant Use Policy
4611Dispersant Pre-Approval Zone
4612Dispersant Case-by-Case Approval Zones
4613No Dispersant Use Zones
4614Dispersant Use Zones Summary Table
4615Role of RRT
4630Special Monitoring Of Applied Response Technologies (SMART) Protocols for Dispersants
4640In-Situ Burning
4641In-Situ Burning Policy
4642Authorization Procedures
4651Decanting Policy
4700Managing Impacts to Fisheries
4800Places of Refuge
4810Jurisdiction for Places of Refuge Decisions
4900Reserved for Future Use