6100Finance/Administration Section Organization
6200Roles and Responsibilities
6210Finance Section Chief Responsibilities
6220Time Unit
6230Procurement Unit
6240Compensation/Claims Unit
6250Cost Unit
6300FOSC Access to Federal Fund
6310National Pollution Fund Center
6320Accessing the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
6330Hazardous Substance Response Trust Fund
6400Other Access to Funds
6410Access through Pollution Removal Funding Authorizations
6420State access to the OSLTF
6421Eligibility for State Access to the OSLTF
6422Required Record Keeping
6430Lead Administrative Trustee Access to the Fund
6440Claims Against Fund
6450State Access to the CERCLA Fund
6451Cost Recovery
6452Reimbursement Procedures
6453Local and Tribal Government Access to the CERCLA Fund
6460Access to the Washington State Oil Spill Response Account
6461Authority to Access to the Washington State Oil Spill Response Account
6462Activating the Washington State Oil Spill Response Account
6463Eligible OSRA Costs
6500Federal Fund Documentation and Cost Recovery Procedures
6530Required Washington State OSRA Documentation
6540Washington State OSRA Approval and Reimbursement Process
6541State Agencies
6543Local Government Agencies, Tribes, and Other Groups not Part of State Government
6544OSRA Reimbursement Claims Time Limits
6545OSRA Contracts
6546OSRA Field Contracts
6547Obtaining Supplies, Equipment, or Services with a PPR through OSRA
6548PSRA Contract Review
6600Damage Assessment Procedures
6610Washington State Damage Assessment Procedures
6700Reserved for Future Use
6800Reserved for Future Use
6900Reserved for Future Use