5100Logistics Section Organization
5200Roles and Responsibilities
5210Logistics Section Chief Responsibilities
5220Service Branch Director
5230Communications Unit Leader
5240Medical Unit Leader
5250Food Unit Leader
5260Support Branch Director
5270Supply Unit Leader
5280Facilities Unit Leader
5290Ground Support Unit Leader
5400Area Resources: Infrastructure
5410Incident Facilities
5411Pre-designated Command Post Locations in the Puget Sound Area
5412Pre-designated Command Post Locations in the Portland Area
5413Pre-designated Command Post Locations in the Inland Area
5420Area Resources: Personnel and Services
5431USCG National Strike Force
5432USCG District Response Assist Team
5433Public Information Assist Team
5434USCG Reserve
5435USCG Auxiliary
5436USCG Vessel Traffic Services
5437USCG D13 Incident Management Assist Team
5441Spill/Discharge Trajectory Modeling
5442Oceanic and Atmospheric Modeling
5450US Navy Supervisor of Salvage
5460EPA Environmental Response Team
5470Reserved for Future Use
5480Reserved for Future Use
5490Resource Directory
5491Oil Response Equipment
5492Hazardous Substance Response Equipment
5493Salvage Companies/Divers
5494Air Support
5495Surveillance Capability
5496Response Management Teams
5497Safety Resources
5500Reserved for Future Use
5600Reserved for Future Use
5700Reserved for Future Use
5800Reserved for Future Use
5900Reserved for Future Use