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5/2/2024NWACP (2020) with Section Updates Promulgated in April 2024 36.6 MB
4/16/2024Summary of NWACP Section Updates Promulgated in April 2024 349 KB
2/14/202407a_Health_and_Safety_Task_Force_2023_White_Paper_Full_Report 2.6 MB
2/5/202408_Abandoned_Derelict_Vessel_Task_Force_2023_Proposed_Updates_to_Section_9330 4.8 MB
1/5/202404_Wildlife_Response_Task_Force_2023_Proposed Section_9310_Updates 2.5 MB
1/5/202404_Wildlife_Response_Task_Force_2023_Proposed_Section_3200_Updates 688 KB
12/6/202301_2023_Task_Force_JIC_Manual_Proposed_Updates 865 KB
12/6/202302_2023_Task_Force_Liaison_Manual_Proposed_Updates 2 MB
12/6/202303_Mercury_Spill_Task_Force_2023_Response_Guide_for_Public 6.1 MB
12/6/202305_ESA_Task_Force_2023_Emergency_Consultation_Guide 389 KB
12/6/202306_ESA_Task_Force_2023_ESA_Section_7_Process_Flowchart 241 KB
12/6/202307_Health_and_Safety_Task_Force_2023_White_Paper_Executive_Summary 127 KB
6/1/2023Marine Safety Info Bulletin 22-20 FRP-ACP Relationships in the PNW 533 KB
6/1/2023Marine Safety Info Bulletin 23-20 VRP-ACP Relationships in the PNW 535 KB
3/2/2021NMFS Biological Opinion 3.2 MB
7/17/20202019 NWAC Task Force Dispersant White Paper 4.5 MB
3/20/2019Summary and Comparison of Unmanned Aerial Systems Policies 1.2 MB
8/30/2017Tribal Outreach Talking Points for RRT/NWAC 90 KB
10/2/2015Quick Reference Guide - Elected Officials 227 KB
10/2/2015Quick Reference Guide - Tribal and Local OSCs 267 KB
10/2/2015Quick Reference Guide - Tribal Officials 233 KB
10/2/2015Quick Reference Guide typical emergency response steps 135 KB
5/12/2015Bakken Crude Oil Info for LEPCs 1.9 MB
2/11/2015CI_7310_Coast Guard Rates 2015 103 KB
10/9/2014CANUSPAC Annex_2014_signed 825 KB
9/30/2014NRT Training slides on Bakken 6.2 MB
1/7/2014PHMSA Rail Safety Alert- Bakken Crude fires 49 KB
12/17/2013NOAA Oil Sands Report 7.3 MB
12/2/2013Emerging Risks Task Force Report 2013 1.8 MB
4/25/2013CG-MER Policy_OSRO Classification_RRI 2.5 MB
3/1/2013Derelict Vessels 308 KB
3/1/2013Funding of Oil Spills vs. Stafford Act Disasters 177 KB
3/1/2013Geographic Response Plans 283 KB
3/1/2013Incident Command System 360 KB
3/1/2013Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) 243 KB
3/1/2013Oiled Wildlife 370 KB
2/9/2010Joint PIO Training documents 119 KB
5/28/2009Guidance for Managing Worker Fatigue During Disaster Operations - NRT Technical Assistance Document 669 KB
4/16/2009Overview of Area Planning and RRT 461 KB
10/10/2002Marine Oil Spill Prevention 116 KB
10/10/2002Oil Spill Prevention, Planning, and Response Measures 137 KB
7/23/2002Inland Oil Spill Prevention 118 KB
7/23/2002Oil Spill Shoreline Assessment and Cleanup 139 KB
7/22/2002In-Situ Burning in Oil Spill Response 138 KB
5/21/2002Containment and Recovery of Spilled Oil 131 KB
5/21/2002Oil Spill Contingency and Response Planning 126 KB