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Washington: Coastal and inland Geographic Response Plans (GRPs) for Washington State including the lower Columbia River are maintained by Washington Department of Ecology. The Spokane River GRP, Snake River GRPs, and Middle Columbia River GRP are jointly maintained by Ecology and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region 10).

Oregon: Coastal GRPs for Oregon are maintained by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The Lower Deschutes River GRP is maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Idaho: GRPs for Idaho are maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

GRP Field Reports: A list of recent GRP “Field Visits” and “Field Tests” can be found at

GRP Development Tools, Forms and Processes: Guidance on creating GRPs can be found at

Geographic Response Plans:The following Geographic Response Plans (GRPs) have been posted for review by local, state, tribal, and federal agencies to use as a guide in minimizing the impact of oil on natural, cultural, and certain economic resources at risk during spills. Each plan covers a specific geographic area and contains information meant to aid the response community in managing the incident through, and as necessary beyond, the initial phase of the response. Information contained in the plans include: site descriptions, reference maps, recommended response strategies, shoreline information, resource at risk details, and logistical information. GRPs are living documents, subject to change as new information is received. In this, we greatly value comments that help us identify informational errors in existing plans, recommend ideas for plan improvement, or share lessons learned from using a plan or in deploying response strategies. Your input is important to us. Please submit your comments through the RRT10/NWAC page at

GRP Name State Maintained by Agency
Admiralty Inlet/Hood Canal Washington WA - Ecology
Central Puget Sound Washington WA - Ecology
Chehalis River Washington WA - Ecology
Clark/Cowlitz Washington WA - Ecology
Duwamish/Green River Washington WA - Ecology
Grays Harbor Washington WA - Ecology
Lake Chelan Washington WA - Ecology
Lake Washington Washington WA - Ecology
Lower Columbia River Washington WA - Ecology
Middle Columbia River Washington US - EPA
Moses Lake/Crab Creek Washington WA - Ecology
Nisqually River Washington WA - Ecology
North Central Puget Sound Washington WA - Ecology
Outer Coast Washington WA - Ecology
San Juan Islands/North Puget Sound Washington WA - Ecology
Snake River, Ice Harbor Pool Area Washington US - EPA
Snake River Little Goose Pool Washington US - EPA
Snake River Lower Granite Pool Washington US - EPA
Snake River Lower Monumental Pool Washington US - EPA
Snohomish & Skykomish Rivers Washington WA - Ecology
South Puget Sound Washington WA - Ecology
Spokane River Washington US - EPA
Strait of Juan de Fuca Washington WA - Ecology
Willapa Bay Washington WA - Ecology
Coos Bay Oregon OR - DEQ
Lower Deschutes River Oregon US - EPA
North Oregon Coast Oregon OR - DEQ
South Oregon Coast Oregon OR - DEQ
Tillamook Bay Oregon OR - DEQ
Yaquina Bay Oregon OR - DEQ
Clearwater/Lochsa River GRP Idaho US - EPA
Pend Oreille Idaho US - EPA